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Struggling to use our Healthcare System?

Are you or a loved one challenged by managing a health condition?

Many families struggle to get effective, coordinated care for at least one member of the family. If you are one of these very common families, then we want to help you and your family be well   informed®. It can be challenging to monitor and support a parent living alone. It can be challenging to collect all of their health data. If you agree that managing one's health in our healthcare system could be a lot easier, then join us. Become an Informed Health Member.

Our Mission

Empowering Patients and Caregivers

We empower patients and caregivers to be well   informed® in their shared health journey. We want to make managing your health, or supporting the health of a loved one, as easy as managing your checkbook. Maybe you are thinking, "I can't get my own information, and some of the doctors I see don't even know what the other doctors have done." Yes, we have a long way to go to simplify healthcare, but if we never start, we won't get there. If you see value in this mission, we welcome you to join us as a Member.

What we do




The Medical Hub® securely collects your health data, or the data of a loved one, from multiple sources. We make it easy to see what all of the different clinicians are seeing, and put it in one place. This creates a complete view of the Member's health. The Medical Hub® gives the Member control over their health data. The Member can share the data with other Members or with clinicians. The Member can limit the sharing so that, for example, an adult daughter can see appointments and medications, but not obstetric or social history that might be embarassing. The Medical Hub® monitors the Member with outcome based targets. We can inform a caregiver when there has been a small change in the Member's health that should be explored. This helps keep people in their best health and out of the hospital.

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