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The Medical Hub® can:

Notify you if your parent needs medical support.

Make it easier to get medical records from clinical providers, such as hospitals and doctors.

Keep you informed about your parent's health status.

The Medical Hub® is:

Yours - you own the data (not us), and you control how it is used

Safe - data is securely maintained, encrypted when stored and when shared

Flexible - see your information on any device that has internet access and a web browser, from cell phone to 4K smart television

Connected - it can collect your health information from your healthcare providers through your existing portal access

Customizable - you and people you designate can add information to your record

Shareable - you can share with your family, caregivers, and health professionals

Granular - you decide if the people you share data with can see everything or only some things

Protective - it can inform clinicans or those close to you if you need help due to small or big changes in your health

Membership Options

Standard Life Founders Circle Early Adopter Caregiver
price $39 / month
$375 / year
one time $2,500 fee $25 / month
$250 / year
$12 for the first year $5 one time
product Medical Hub® Medical Hub® for life Medical Hub® +
pricing guarantee
adds intensive support
and product input
Medical Hub® access
purchaser anyone first 1,000 Members first 100 Members first 20 Members anyone

Founders Circle Members are guaranteed initial pricing for the life of their Membership and can receive credit for their first month toward an annual membership, or credit for their first year toward a Life Membership. All Early Adopters are also Founders Circle Members.

We look forward to having you as a Member. If you are ready to join, we encourage you to

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